About the Blog

Taking admission to a Law School may be tough, but maintaining a work-life balance after that is the real challenge. Anxiety and homesickness in the middle of the first year, Addition and Subtraction of friends, some boring classes, and the pressure of maintaining a balance between theoretical and practical aspects of Learning may be more painful than death.

And our education system adds a cherry on the cake through its conventional rules. Most of the private institutes are nothing more than a shopkeeper selling degree, and hence most of the students like us, fail to find some mentors who can help them cope up with the situations.

The knowledge of Research and Publications is not inculcated in students now-a-days. Even I’ve found academicians who do not know the fundamental difference between e-ISSN and p-ISSN or ISSN and ISBN. And it is not entirely their fault, the education system of “bhed chaal” we follow has a massive contribution in making this situation. Though, we can’t also expect everything from the Law School as they also get a minimal and limited time, and teaching everything can never be possible, but at the same time, expecting a bit of it is necessary.

I’ve curated this platform to share my knowledge related to Research, Publications, Law and other aspects of a Law Students’ life, which I learned, being the Chairperson of VidhiAagaz – India’s leading academic publication house, and two international academic journals. This platform will also be a channel between you and the best academicians in the world. You’ll find many academicians and professionals here, sharing their inputs to make your life easier to overcome challenges with the proper management and learnings in a Law School.

Also, being a part of law fraternity it is my utmost duty to talk about various issues and concepts of Law, which I’ll surely fulfil. This platform will also consist of analytical aspects of law and analytical evaluation of the legal issues.

What can you expect out of this blog:
  1. A Way to approach research.
  2. Knowledge to draft, edit, format, and proof-read your manuscript, to make it worth for people to read.
  3. Basics of the Publication Industry and the tips for publishing your research papers.
  4. Overall knowledge of researching and publications.
  5. Advice from various academicians to live your Law Life at the best.
  6. My Small experiences of leading a life of Legal Entrepreneur and Law Learner.
  7. Well-researched articles on legal and social doctrines and issues.

Note: In case you have any question, feel free to mail them at gyan@vidhiaagaz.com

I hope my experience of being a Law Student and a Legal Entrepreneur will surely help you out. Do let me know if you have any comments or suggestions to make. Always happy to hear and evolve.