As a publishing editor of two international journals (IJLMH and IJLSI) and various series of books owned by VidhiAagaz, I generally go through and read around 150-200 research papers every month. Out of these, around 75% of papers are rejected at the first sight for being either plagiarised, paraphrased or of sub-standard quality.

Being a researcher and an editor both, what I can see around is a massive lack of basic understanding about research in the education industry of India that lacks the proper training sessions for faculties which in turn make students roam to find the appropriate guidance to learn these skills. I also receive a lot of messages daily from various students asking me to teach them the “art” of writing research papers.

As a student, I know and have recently faced similar conditions, where I wanted to research and write, but I had no one who could have provided me with a way to do it. Though I was blessed that I met Dr. Pooja Dasgupta (my mentor and Editorial Director of VidhiAagaz), who gave me all the answers unconditionally without judging me for my silly questions, but not everyone is lucky enough to get someone like her.

Also, these skills are not something that I or any person can teach you in a blog post, or through messages or a lecture of a few hours. There are many small things that a research writer should know and work on while drafting a research paper, and every mind gets into a different doubt while researching or writing.

Hence, this platform will answer all your small questions and will deal with all the aspects of research and publication including the selection of topic, essence, the way to approach, the structure, and every aspect of editing, formatting, proofreading, selection, and submission to journals and conferences, etc.

Also, being a part of law fraternity it is my utmost duty to talk about various issues and concepts of Law, which I’ll surely fulfill. This blog will also consist of analytical aspects of law and analytical evaluation of the legal issues.

There is a lot to cover, which is quite impossible in a small period and hence, I have decided to answer your questions and structure them as a series of blogs that can act as a research guide to other students.

Fill this form with the questions you always wanted to know. If you don’t know anything about it, write a question as “How to write a research paper”, and I assure you that I’ll deal with the topic as soon as I can.


Stay Updated with the Next series of blogs to Learn about writing and Research Paper and getting it published.



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