My Story

Born in Maihar, MP, the holy land of MaaAmbe, I (Gyan Prakash Kesharwani) started my journey as a paralegal to my father into MV Act matters. My legal journey started at a young age of 10, which is still on the road to learn and discover every day. My love and interest in the field of Law made me join a renowned Law institute to get myself a formal degree in the area. The traits which I learnt from my father in those seven years helped me to win my first Intra batch Moot Court Competition, where my journey of winning started as a Law Student. I’ve won awards that every Law student dreams of, such as the Best Researcher, Best Presenter, and Best Mooter in various conferences and Moot Court Competitions.

The most significant step and a milestone in my personal and professional aspect were to become the Founder and CEO of ‘VidhiAagaz – Inking your Brain’. From being an introvert and extremely awkward guy to becoming an extrovert and leading a team, Vidhi Aagaz transformed my personality for better. With the support of an immensely hardworking and dedicated team, within a few years of its establishment, Vidhi Aagaz is now known as one of the most profound leading academic publication houses in our country. The foundation also owns a series of international books and journals which cover various disciplines and time and again, motivates researchers and students to learn and participate. International Journal of Law Management & Humanities [ISSN 2581-5369] is an Indexed and referred International Journal, which we initiated in June 2018, while the International Journal of Legal Science and Innovation [ISSN 2581-9453] is our recent journal we launched in March 2019.

Providing a new threshold to all budding researchers, We’ve created a gigantic purveyor of the knowledge-based plethora of excellence in the form of National conference ‘ViACON’ (owned and executed by VidhiAagaz). We also started Centre for Constitutional Research and Development to promote and contribute to the growth of constitutionalism in India.

Now, leading a team of more than 40+ professors and 200+ students, I am responsible for running all facets of the business. With a wide number of papers to my credit, I aim to share my knowledge with fellow researchers. Research can be pretty daunting to the students, and with this platform, I aim to make the complexities simpler. Here you’ll be able to find information which will not just be informative but will be presented in such relatable ways that it will be fun to learn. This is a platform where students can learn and discuss all the aspects of research, legal issues, but at the same time, I will make sure that it doesn’t seem like a burden on their already burdened shoulders, rather something which will captivate their interest.

Gyan Prakash Kesharwani

— Gyan Prakash Kesharwani —